08 June 2008

ren's june contribution

I forgot about May, and here is June. The palette for Taking It Further this month looked like this:
The piece to the left is something I did that deconstructed a really ugly crazy quilt block and changed it into something else. This something else is also ugly, but the pink silk piece does something to mitigate the ugliness somehow. Most of its colors, though, look like the June palette, especially with the addition of the brown satin.
And the theme was, "What do we call ourselves?" I call myself many things, but mostly, I call myself:

23 April 2008

making April's TIF challenge

The theme for April's Take It Further challenge was change and the colors were these: This month, I am also working on a postcard swap. Aha! Why not do both at once?! And, it turns out that I am able to use both the colors and the theme. Here's how. Each postcard is sort of the same but different, so there's the change. Here are most of the materials with an almost finished card among them: And here are the postcard backs being printed from my computer: And HERE is a detail showing the threads and seashells and beads: Comments are most welcome!

03 March 2008

take it further february

Things That Work
12 inches x 12 inches
art quilt
February's Take It Further challenge had to do with things that we remember. Here are things that worked then and work still.

27 February 2008

two pieces, two shows

When Ordinary Just Won't Do
12 inches high x 12 inches wide
fabric collage
This piece will travel with the 2008 SAQA Trunk Show to the following venues: Denver National Quilt Festival May 1-4; Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XV September 4-7; World Quilt Show New England in New Hampshire September 18-21; and Northeast Quilts Unlimited in Old Forge NY October 11-November 9.
Good Grounds, Bad Grounds, Fair Grounds
21 inches high x 20 inches wide
mixed media
The details for this venue are still secret, but it will be in at least one gallery, somewhere in the Long Beach, California, area in 2008.

22 February 2008

still in progress...

. . . but getting there. The brownie, the typewriter, a photo of the typewriter printed on deckled-edged photo paper—these are things that work, that have heft, that are tangible and transportable. Now they will be translated into fabric and thread. Soon.

17 February 2008

February TIF work in progress

I decided to go with the theme and not the colors. I remember many things and am certainly old enough to remember these two items: Acutally, they are both mine from when we all used these things, so I will use them again.